Happy Food Original Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of Pickled Korean Food under brand ” KOREADONG ” has the idea of creating good quality food for people throughout the country not just in big cities of Thailand. However, anyone who likes Korean-style food can easily to experience it.
Imagine you’re sitting in the winter near a fireplace with a snowy atmosphere and enjoying the deliciousness in the big city of Seoul, South Korea, filled with the smell of authentic Korean food in every jar.

The Significant pride of this business is being a Startup company with rapid growth prospects of premium quality that customers would experience. No matter where you are in Thailand, enjoy 100% authentic Korean flavor.

Happy Food Original Co., Ltd. opened in December 17,2020. Less than a year, we prosper from small business to medium business and standing with high standard certainty.
What we consider the most is the quality of the products and the value for the food.

The food must be eaten at every age. In addition, we are constantly developing products to meet the needs and satisfying of our customers. Having a moment of happiness. Enjoy the delicious taste as if having a Michelin chef from Korea create your favorite food in front of the house.

Furthermore, we also intend being One-stop food provider. All levels of services added impressions. Not only distribution in Thailand but also exports abroad such as Hongkong. To be shown that the quality of Thai products, it is not lost to any nation in the world when it is international.


Happy Food Original give the significant of quality and taste of the ingredients. To provide customers with the best ingredients, best foods and valuable.
  • We import raw materials from various countries such as Norway and Japan.
  • The quality ingredients are seasoned by professional chefs nationally that means you can enjoy premium meals at affordable prices.
Happy Food Original pay attention to every step of production, starting from raw material selection. Processing, storing foods at constant temperatures and keeping them fresh before being delivered to customers.
  • Research and development in pasteurization is conducted to ensure the maximum storage of the goods for as long as possible. More importantly, we are the first to produce Frozen Food with premium soy sauce.
  • Korea Dong products are packed in tight and safe packaging that keep food tasteful and fresh.